Singer | Dancer  | Actress




Since the age of 3, Jany saw the film Nutcracker, and started taking ballet lessons. At the age of 7, she also wanted to start dancing Streetdance and also started dancing competitions, Jany eventually won the Dutch National Championships with her Hip Hop Crew Smallgroup  .  After that, Jany started singing lessons.



Then came Jany at the age of 8 in the Musical The Sound of Music as Gretl the youngest of the 7 Von Trapp Children, in the Stage Entertainment production.  And in advertising on RTL 4 with The Sound of Music.


In 2010 Jany was allowed to sing in the children's choir in the show MY NAME IS MICHAEL, which was shown in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam and in the Elisabeth Theater in Antwerp, after which Jany sang in the children's choir in the show Musical Award Gala on  RTL4 with Dr Dollitle the musical.

In 2011 Jany played the role of Keessie in the 10 part series “Kruimeltje”.  What was shown on Nederland 3.
In 2012 Jany starred in the Reconstruction/Documentary a dramatic true story Moordvrouwen on NET5.  The younger character Willeke.
In 2012, Jany also played a role in the movie “Club of Ugly Children”.  She played character Annabel.
In 2013 Jany walked Fashion Show for the designer Cleome Clement.
In 2013 Jany was allowed to record an advertising spot for Disney channel.
In 2013, Jany played a short film version of the book by Paul van Loon in De Forbidden Attic, made by Homemade productions, Dick van den Heuvel and Gerda van Roshum with the aim of promoting reading.  In this, Jany plays the role of Tika.

In 2014 Jany played in the Serie Malaika on RTL5.  Her character was Djuna a girl with Leukemia.  8 episodes.
In 2015 Jany played the daughter of Ron Boszhard for 1 season of “Bij Ron Thuis”.
In 2016 The 2nd season of “Bij Ron op de Camping”, character Puck the daughter of Ron Boszhard.
In 2017 The 3rd season of “Bij Ron in het Pension”, the role of Puck Boszhard.
In 2018 The 4th season of “Bij Ron in het Kasteel”, the role of Puck Boszhard.
In 2021 Jany got to play the role of Floortje, in the TV series and YT series ′′ Zapp Detective.
In 2020 Jany released a Track with Rapper Young Ellens.  “Jany - Vraag mij af Ft. Young Ellens.
And since 2021 she has been busy singing Covers every month on YOUTUBE.
And she includes various Dance Workouts for everyone who likes to dance and burn calories!
Jany is a real centipede and has many ambitions. ✨